Monday, October 29, 2012

Watch Design, Lancaster MKX & Night Raid - 2012

It's refreshing and I think important to explore other product design avenues/subject matter once in awhile outside of your specialty. In terms of product/industrial design ultimately the basic design fundamentals apply, but you'll probably want to know your target audience and try to be familiar with trends, materials, technology, etc... in the specific industry.

This is my first attempt at a watch design. It's for another GrabCAD competition being held by WoodChip design. The results aren't in yet, but here's hoping. The judging is taking place now and you can view the competition and 100+ entries here:

The competition stated they'd like to see inspiration taken from things like Formula 1 or WW2 bombers so I've gone with an Avro Lancaster theme. There's 2 versions, the Lancaster MKX and the Lancaster Night Raid. Hope you enjoy.

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