Friday, November 28, 2014

Carved boards for TANGO BISTRO - Dec 1st to March 1st.

Here's 19 of the many boards that will be on display and sold at Tango Bistro over the next 3 months. The boards are on display at the restaurant until March 1st. As boards sell, I'll be replacing them with new ones. If you're interested, come by and check them out. Thanks for all the support and kind encouragement in this!
Tango Bistro

3 Sisters - $240 SOLD
Be The Salt - $260 SOLD
Alpha - $340 SOLD

Catch a Wave - $220 SOLD
Chinook - $260
Birds Eye View - $220 - SOLD

Flock Together - $200 SOLD
Monarch - $250 SOLD
Burn Some Time $190

On Eagles Wings - $250 SOLD
Panoramic - $220  SOLD
Foresee - $300 SOLD

Surf Time $190
Thunderbird - $340 SOLD
Guardian - $300 SOLD
Hyperion 379 - $240
Pride - $340 SOLD

Stitch In Time $220
Lynx - $200

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Legendary 'Nautical'

I recently entered a vehicle rendering competition on Humster3D. My entry is called the Nautical. It's a 30's coupe that I've always wanted to design. This competition was as good excuse as any to take my sketches and ideas into 3D. Have a look at the competition when you get a chance too. On the website I write a little more about the story of the car.