Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Havelaar Bison E-Pickup truck is here...

The Bison was originally penned back in 2012. We revisited the design with Havelaar in 2016 and after 1 year of development we have a first prototype built. The design is bold, punctuated with angular cladding and wedge profiles. An evolutionary leap forward from traditional pickups, the Bison delivers a more modern and provocative approach. With short overhangs and tires pushed to the corners, the stance conveys stability and confidence allowing for aggressive approach and departure angles.

Information I can give on the truck.
- 50 & 90 kW batteries will be offered.
- The 90kW should provide 300+ km range
- Base price will start around $60,000 CAD for a more work oriented configuration
- Designed and built in Canada
- First 100 vehicles will be sold to municipalities and fleet with a target of late 2018, further full scale production into 2019